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With the personal workplace your business will be available 24 hours a day. Quarantine friendly!
We will transfer your customers to remote service
We made a personal workplace for FESCO, and now their clients can apply for transportation
Your employees will no longer have to answer recurring customer questions
Our bot answers in messengers 24 hours a day
We've created a chatbot for AlfaStrakhovanie's personal office. The bot can answer questions based on the knowledge base
Translate the raw information into a convenient form in Power BI reports. Managers can now access the reports from any device 24 hours a day
We make the data understandable
We made a report for metallurgical company, which shows how many clients have used the new functionality of their personal cabinet
Our services
Personal Workplaces
Inside your personal workplace, your clients can download documents around the clock, submit requests, assign rights, monitor processes and communicate with the support team.
Smart Chatbots
The chat bot handles 50% of customer questions. It handles the rest of the questions seamlessly to the operator. The bot is compatible with your website and popular messengers.
Power BI Reports
Interactive reports help analyze statistics, dynamics and trends. Power BI is a single dashboard instead of scattered tables and files. There is automatic updating and access from any device.
Web Chats
Web chatting is necessary to communicate with customers on the site, in social networks and applications. To create web chats we use our own open-source development based on node.js, quasar, socket.io and postgresql.
Fullstack Development
Full development cycle (server-side + client) on node.js and javascript: system architecture, integration scheme, database structure, interface design, software coding, testing, third line technical support.
Research and design of business processes
We conduct business process audits. We describe them in Business Studio system, form architectural solutions for optimization, prepare business for automation.
Microservice Architecture
We implement separate services for use in microservice architecture solution.
Finalization of existing projects
Within the technology that we use.
Our skills
Skills, experience and technologies that we use in our workflow
Designing business processes
We collect information about your business, specify details, draw IDEF0, EPC and BPMN diagrams.
We integrate with external services
Telegram API, Viber API, VKontakte API, Facebook API, Dialogflow.
ES6, ES5, CoffeeScript, LiveScript, Node.js (version 6+), Vue.js (Quasar), React.js.
Postgresql (PL/SQL), MSSQL (T-SQL), MySQL, MongoDB, Dgraph.
Docker: easy transfer of the server project to the client, updating the product versions, creating test servers.
Performing auto testing
Unit-tests and integration web-tests, AVA, Cypress, Protractor.
Libraries and APIs
Kafka, Socket.io, Web Audio API.
Open-source framework for developing enterprise-applications and chat bots.
Communication tools
Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Telegram, Email.
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