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Team resume
Our goals
Fullstack-development (server-side + client) of new projects on node.js and javascript
Full development cycle, which includes system architecture development, integration schemes, database structures, UI design, program code writing, testing, demonstration and deposition, and third line technical support.
Spot improvements to existing projects within the stack of technologies we use
Individual services implementation to be used within the microservice architecture solution
Development of automated workplaces (AWP)
Role-based rights management, electronic document management and so on.
Provide your clients an online personal workplace where they can solve their business tasks on their own.
Development of web chat solutions
Using proprietary open-source platform based on node.js, quasar, socket.io and postgresql.
Chatbots development
Handle most of your routine tasks with a helper robot. Unleash the creativity of your employees.
Application of Power BI to collect and analyze statistics, dynamics, trends
Translate the raw information into a meaningful, convenient form. Control your achievements.
Research and design of business processes
Research and design of business processes. Description of problems (pains) of the target audience.
Our skills
ES6, ES5, CoffeeScript, LiveScript, Node.js (version 6+), Vue.js (Quasar), React.js.
Postgresql (PL/SQL), MSSQL (T-SQL), MySQL, MongoDB, Dgraph.
Libraries and APIs
Kafka, Socket. io, Web Audio API.
Open-source framework for developing enterprise-applications and chat bots.
We integrate with external services
For example: Telegram API, Viber API, VKontakte API, Facebook API, Dialogflow.
Docker: easy transfer of the server project to the client, updating the product versions, creating test servers.

Performing auto testing
Unit-tests and integration web-tests, AVA, Cypress, Protractor.
Designing business processes
We collect information about your business, specify details, draw IDEF0, EPC and BPMN diagrams.
Communication tools
Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Telegram, Email.
The way we do it
We are a self-organized, highly efficient team with a focus on creating a value for our clients. We love to apply innovative technologies. Work is part of our lives.
We are in favor of a person doing complex or creative work, while the rest is done by automated systems.
We use Agile, Kanban, Waterfall methodologies. Thanks to them, we move in limits of the deadlines, monitor the quality of work and regularly demonstrate the results.
Distributed (virus-safe!) team: the developers are located in different cities of Russia. We have been working since 2008.
We are experts in integration with external systems, services and databases. We use protocols HTTP (HTTPS), REST, GraphQL, OpenAPI (Swagger). We love complex integrational projects.
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