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How to prepare for the industry exhibition for 16.5 thousand people in 2 weeks.
Landing pages for the interactive stand of FESCO transport company
FESCO is logistics сompany, which annually participate in the largest exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies TransRussia.
The task: create a landing page for the interactive stand of FESCO transport company at TransRussia exhibition.
We made two versions of the landing page – in 2017 and 2018.
Exhibition 2017
The aim is to present FESCO services and convenience of online self-service on the website and in the personal workplace to the visitors.

Deadline: 2 weeks before the exhibition.

Functions of the landing page:
✓View shipping rates
✓See Ship and Train Schedule
✓Track the container by number and find out the status of transport.
✓Register in the personal workplace and get a discount on transportation of the container.

Design Requirements:
✓Broad-button interface for terminals.
✓Visual elements in FESCO corporate style.

Tasks and solutions
FESCO services are located in different places: container tracking on the corporate website, betting request — in the personal workplace.
Solution #1
We wrote an API that collects pieces of information from different places. For example, if a user asks for information on flight schedules, there is an appeal to the client’s website, if the information on bets, there is an appeal to the personal workplace.
At the exhibition, it can disrupt the Internet.
Solution #2
We made a standalone site with local storage that stores the request queue and transmits it to the server asynchronously when available. Give a discount on container transportation to all users who have registered through the stand in the personal workplace.
Solution #3
We created a form to check the registration in the personal workplace. We’ve set up notifications. We’ve made it so that clients will get a discount later in the personal workplace.
Exhibition 2018
Deadline: 2 weeks before the exhibition.

Functions of the landing page:
✓The landing page must be in Russian and English.
✓The video should be played back on the screen until the user touches the screen.

Design Requirements:
This time the terminal is 1040*585 mm vertical. The design of the landing page should be made so that a person of medium height can comfortably press the buttons and read from the screen.

Solution was splitting the screen into four areas, taking into account the height of the person:

✓Upper visual block
✓Main unit with information and buttons
✓Lower priority support unit
✓The lower visual unit.

The next step we have implemented is an innovation — every 30 seconds the video is scrolled until it is touched by the user.
Different design options for the main content of branding in 2018.
As in the previous time, we managed to implement all services and features. At the 2018 trade fair, 2.5 thousand visitors used the stand with a landing page designed by Innervate.