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How to stop derailing the shipping plans? We built a report to compare plans, facts and projections
Power BI Dashboard
for tracking shipment plans
Arthur D. Little is an international consulting organization known in the field of strategic management.
The consulting company Arthur D. Little, with which we started working in 2019, came up with a new challenge for a large metallurgical company (NDA name).

Before metal is shipped, managers of a metallurgical company prepare several types of monthly plans: sales, railroad allocation, production, raw materials supply and others.

A huge number of numbers must be tracked every day in the month of shipment to anticipate problems that can lead to delays and disruption of plans.

To facilitate tracking of plans and facts at all stages of metal preparation for shipment, we had to build a Power BI report.

The task is to create a dashboard to compare plans, facts and forecasts for the metal shipment process.
ADL provided us with sketches of reports and a data model.

In the course of our work we structured the data model. We built diagrams with filters and problem indicators for different stages of metal shipment.

Despite the tight deadlines, we managed to do everything. Daily we demonstrated the result of work to the customer and made corrections after each demonstration. Thanks to this, we avoided the situation when at the end of the work the client does not get exactly what he expected.

Also, every week we sent reports on the number of hours spent not to go beyond the limits of the budget.
It's easy to analyze the future
The Power BI panel shows plans, facts and forecasts for each stage of metal transportation. Managers assess the actual movement and adjust the plans if necessary. They detect problems in advance and avoid delays in deadlines.
Clear charts instead of complex tables
The data are arranged in the form of charts and graphs. Visual representation helps to easily perceive large amounts of information. Problems are immediately visible, because they are highlighted by indicators.
Automatic update
There’s no more time to waste on reporting. Updates are automatically scheduled. Every day employees see the latest information.
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