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Power BI panel for FESCO project Shanghai-Moscow
FESCO is a private logistics company, a leader in container transportation through the Far East by sea and rail.
At the end of 2016, FESCO launched the project «Shanghai-Moscow in 20 days» to reduce the time of container cargo transportation. The cargoes were delivered in 45-50 days before the start of the project.

To reduce the time of transportation, it was necessary to identify bottlenecks in the process, accelerate information exchange and set up interaction between different modes of transport.

To launch the project, the client made a presentation.

Presentation by FESCO
The task is to set up a monitoring panel to track the terms of transportation of Shanghai-Moscow.
Content requirements for the report
The panel should process the data automatically, without manual labor of experts.

To monitor transport deadlines and identify problems with delays.
1. We had a kick-off meeting
We gathered together in teams and determined which of the FESCO specialists will dedicate us to the details of report generation. We have appointed experts for each stage.
2. We studied the process of preparing
a manual report
We worked out in detail each stage of transportation.

The original technical task formed by the client was clear only to their internal programmers — we needed to clarify it.

We visited the workplace of FESCO experts, learned how the data was unloaded. We asked a lot of questions. We asked specialists to describe the process of working with information step by step.
3. We've built up charts
Based on step-by-step instructions from the client, Power BI charts were set up.

The basis of the reports are the dates we compare to determine the delays in the shipping stages.

We have painted the graphs in our corporate colors and removed blank values.

We have created dashboards from the charts.

Now you can stop making charts manually!
Data flow diagram
We drew a general scheme for receiving and processing data:
FESCO managers no longer waste their time on manual reporting.

Now by looking at the dashboard you can easily understand the problem and find its source. Answer the questions:
  • Why did the cargo take so long to pass customs clearance?
  • How to speed up the transport process?
  • Is it possible that the customer has not submitted the customs documents?
  • Is the customer aware of the need to submit documents?
  • How do I notify the customer as soon as possible?

And, with new knowledge, they can improve the transportation process.
During the year of the project implementation FESCO Company reduced the average delivery time of Shanghai-Moscow cargo from 31 to 25 days.
of containers are delivered in 25 days
of cargo is delivered to Moscow in 15−20 days
of shipments are delivered within 21−25 days
One day we came to a meeting with a client and saw a new TV with our Power BI panel.
Now anyone coming to FESCO office can study these statistics.
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