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We develop Power BI reports
Сonverting raw information in color charts and clear charts.
Some people think reports are a waste of time. It's true: a badly compiled report doesn't help anyone.
We create modern Microsoft Power BI reports. We study the business processes of your company, integrate data sources and turn them into beautiful charts and graphs.

Power BI is a single info panel instead of scattered tables and files. Reports are automatically updated and available from any device. The display of information can be filtered and customized.
Analyze business processes
Explore your data with interactive charts and graphs. Identify problems and find hidden growth points. Focus on what’s important. Make decisions based on facts, not premise.
Save staff time
Help employees work more productively, eliminating the need for manual information gathering and reporting.

The system automatically downloads data from databases and performs calculations. The auto-renewal function displays current reports. No special skills are required to use Power BI reports.
Share the information
Hold an interactive presentation for partners. Share useful information with colleagues and customers through a web interface. Explore the report remotely with the entire team. Build graphics into your application or website.
Do you want to control your achievements?
How do Power BI reports work?
United Dashboard
All sources of information are gathered on one screen. There is no need to maneuver between different systems anymore, the data are "flowing" into your report.
Update with one click. Explore the report with filters and settings. Choose your display style — graphs, charts, histograms. View reports for any period.
Access from any device
The reports are placed in cloud services. View them from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Take advantage of different levels of access to information.
Automatic update
We will adjust the frequency at which the reports are updated. The Power BI system will do the calculations and plot the reports automatically.
Different data sources
With Power BI integrated databases and services: Google Analytics, Excel, CRM, SharePoint, PostgreSQL, SQL, accounting reports and others.
Easy to use
No special skills are required to use Power BI reports. You will receive accompanying documentation along with the reports.
Do you want to control your achievements?
We are experts in business analytics
We know how to work with large amounts of information. Our clients are the leading transport and logistics company FESCO, and international consulting company Arthur D. Little.
We have developed several dozens of interactive Power BI analytical reports. We know what types of charts to choose for correct information presentation.
We are supported by top Power BI consultants. We find simple solutions if new questions arise.
We can connect to different data sources and are aware of the pitfalls of integration.
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